What's Next? Your Guide To Biophilic Design At Home

1 Sep 2020
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Biophilia was a term popularised by naturalist and author Edward O' Wilson in his book 'Biophilia' published in 1984. His definition of the movement is as follows 'the urge to affiliate with other forms of life'. So what, then, is biophilic design?

Biophilic design is the term given for the incorporation of natural materials and plants in an urban, man-made setting. Scientifically proven, humans thrive when surrounded by greenery and anything natural which can stimulate the senses and make us feel more grounded. 

Technology advances exponentially every day in our modern society, so it seems only fitting that we would want to bring a touch of nature to our homes.

Staying at home is the new norm, so now is a great time to ruffle the feathers of your interior space and add a little life. Not only beautiful, but plants also release oxygen which helps recycle the air around us, allow us to breathe more easily and elevates our mood. 

Feeling a bit 'meh' and in need of a little accessorising to spruce up your apartment? Look no further. 

Pothos Plants 

Live in room with very little light? No worries, Pothos plants can be kept in a space with low light and are also low maintenance. They don't require daily care and prefer for their soil to dry out before being watered again. Also named 'Devil's Ivy' because it is almost impossible to kill! (Great for people with busy lifestyles.)

If you are lucky enough to have a garden centre near you, pop in (with a mask on) and inquire. Having physical access is not a necessity though as many online retailers also stock and deliver plants right to your door. 

Rattan Furniture

Reminiscent of your Grandma's conservatory perhaps, but a fashionable interior theme of 2020, and beyond, non the less. Rattan is a natural material made from vines which have had the skin stripped back and then woven. Imaging curling up with a good book and a nice cup of tea, whilst your cat purrs away softly in the corner - bliss. This lovely chair is available through Urban Outfitters.

Melody Rattan Chair | Urban Outfitters 

SPEXTRUM Flip Vase, It's All In The Detail

If you are pushed for surface or floor space but still want to incorporate biophilic design into your home, SPEXTRUM's Flip Vase could be just the addition you are looking for.  Whether it be nestled into a book case, or taking centre stage on your bed side table, Flip Vase is versatile and suits any spot. Preserve drying flowers in a soft and appealing way and capture the curious gaze of your guests. 

Available to purchase in 7 different designs - http://www.spextrum.net/ 

Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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