What's Next? Top 3 Smart Home Care Technology Products

17 Aug 2020
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This year has certainly been one to remember! Many of the standards we previously considered ‘normal’ have been altered and have subsequently changed many of our lives in one way or another. During this year we’ve had social distancing measures enforced upon us and this has instigated a huge growth in the smart home care technology industry. With more people staying at home, we are looking for innovative ways to stay connected and entertained despite feeling so restricted. 

The varying designs of smart home care technology aids the human condition by assisting us in day to day activities leaving more time for us to spend doing the things we love. That being said, now is also a time when people are more likely to become invested in home improvements – the extra time outside of the workplace has pushed people to scrutinize their environmental condition more closely. 

You may think that smart care technology sounds like something only the super-elite could own and afford, but many of us already have smart care technology in our homes, such as voice-activated speakers (Amazon’s Alexa for example). This just goes to show that these once seemingly unattainable products are becoming more and more normalised every day. 

3 of the top smart home care technology devices:

1) Phillips Hue Lighting

These super cool lights can be connected to the internet and controlled with an app on your phone, and they come in a variety of colours! Imagine having purple lighting in your bedroom - sounds practically regal! Their temperature is also adjustable, meaning you can set the mood of the room by adjusting the lighting intensity. Choose between a subtle, warm glow - bright light (simulating daylight) or just in between - whichever suits your preference. 

Jon PorterMatt HansonMark Knapp November 26

2) Arlo Pro 3 Security Camera

This ultra-modern security camera is weatherproof AND has HD recording resolution. The alarm system is also fitted within the camera, which will let any potential peepers know they're being watched.

Rich BrownRy Crist, July 30, 2020, cnet.com

3) Amazon Sierra Smart Diffuser

Ok, now this product I'm excited about. This type of product may not be deemed 'essential' by everyone, but this modern technology combined with a traditional method of relaxation using essential oils - may just change your mind. Amazon's smart diffuser lets you program a schedule effortlessly using your phone. Imagine coming home after a long day at work and being greeted with beautifully smelling fresher air in your home, at just the click of a button!...It also changes colour. Eeek!



Reflecting upon the advances in recent smart home care technology I think it's safe to assume that many of our houses will feature more and more technological gadgets as time goes on. 

Who’s to say that we won’t all own a robot dedicated to folding our laundry in 2030?

Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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