What's next? Microsoft's Flight Simulator game 2020

25 Aug 2020
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After 14 years, Microsoft returns with the Microsoft Flight Simulator game 2020.

Microsoft's Flight Simulator has been in development since 1977 with its first release in 1982. Since then various versions have been released and the latest version was released on PC August 18th 2020, with Xbox to follow towards the end of 2020/beginning of next year. 

From a purely amateur (with regards to aviation technology) standpoint, the MOST alluring feature of this game is by far the high quality – almost unbelievably realistic graphics showing a full-scale 3D projection of earth from a birdseye view. Microsoft has cleverly inserted their own AI feature into the simulator which allows the game to capture and replicate photorealistic graphics.

Pairing with the Bing search engine, Microsoft has been able to access intricate earth mapping data to actualise satellite information and real-time footage on earth which has been projected to create a fantastic simulation.

As well as being able to fly anywhere in the world (with over 30 airports listed on the standard version of the game) the Microsoft simulator is also connected to real-life weather and air traffic reports, meaning – if your destination involves flying over the UK when it is raining, it will be raining in the game too, and you will be updated regularly regarding other aircraft in your flight parameter. These added features enhance the experience tenfold and immerse the player in an incredibly realistic VR experience.

There are 3 versions of the game, each with their price bracket and additional features exclusive to the package the player chooses. The pricing ranges from US $59.99 for standard, to US $89.99 for deluxe, and US $119.99 for the premium deluxe edition.

The Microsoft flight simulator 2020 can be played by both professionals and beginners alike. There are a great number of settings which can be applied by the user to assist with skills such as honing a smoother landing. The real-time weather reports can also be turned off if conditions are an issue, AND there is an option to erase the possibility of accidents occurring such as crashes etc.

I’m sure none of us need reminding that the possibilities of travelling this year have been made pretty much redundant for most of us – perhaps, for this reason, this game will sell even better than expected.

What about you, will you be delving into the virtual world of Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020?

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Written by Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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