What's Next? Packaging Practices Forcast For Change?

20 Oct 2020
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According to research conducted by Smithers in The Future of Packaging: Long-Term Strategic Forecast to 2028, the packaging market is set to rise by 3% per year and will reach an astronomical 1.2 trillion by the year 2028.

This surge is because many more people own smartphones today than ever before, which of course, makes online shopping very accessible to almost everyone.

It may come as no surprise, that since the rise of COVID-19 online shopping rates have soared, and subsequently there is a higher demand for packaging which doesn't negatively affect the environment. 

There has been a growing demand for companies across the world to engage in sustainable and ethical packaging practices. So, what does sustainable and ethical packaging look like?

Sustainable packaging means using materials which are either 100% recycled or 100% biodegradable. Ethical packaging differs from sustainable packaging, ethical packaging aims to protect the environment and focuses heavily on worker's rights.

In recent years, we have seen several companies using their intelligence and creativity to come up with positive solutions for the current global warming crisis.


One of the companies who have pioneered in this field is UK based 'Abeego.' @abeego. Abeego owner Toni Desrosiers was the first person to engineer beeswax wraps. Beeswax wraps are pieces of cloth soaked in beeswax and were invented with the intention of preserving food for longer. Using these wraps minimise food waste and of course, the need to use other packaging alternatives - such as cling film - which are detrimental to the environment.

Inventor Tenith Adithyaa started investing in his invention of a cellular technology which preserves banana leaves when he was just 11 years old. The banana leaf packaging he fashioned can now last up to one year with its natural green colour and up to three years without it!

Clearly, investments are being made by brilliant minds to try to put an end to the rapidly declining environmental state of our planet. Now comes a time for every company to ask themselves a hard question - are we being as sustainable and as ethical with our packaging as possible? And if not, why? 

The packaging market is set to grow within the next three years, can we hope to see more environmentally conscious decisions being made by companies and their designers? What do you think?

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Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager 

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