What's next? The Best Products For Staying Cosy At Home!

22 Sep 2020
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You turn on the TV, COVID. Switch on the Radio - more COVID, chat with your family and friends and it always comes back round to - yes you guessed it. COVID! 

If you are taking the safest options and staying at home more often these days, you may have found yourself scrolling through Instagram and Facebook feeds in search for home products that can add a little cosiness and comfort to your life. 

The blanket essential - 

This 100% Cotton knitted throw from Elm Wood will keep you cosy all year round. Lightweight enough to use in a warmer climate, but weighted enough to keep you snuggly when you need it. Sometimes a blanket that's too heavy can get a little stuffy - not this one! Sustainably sourced, available in seven different tonal colours AND two different sizes. What's not to love?


Get rid of 'text neck' with a Lap Desk -

When working from home, we tend to do it in the most slouched position we can get away with without our laptops falling off the bed/sofa. Not only is this situation frustrating but it's also bad for our posture to be sat in awkward positions for a long time. A laptop desk minimises strain on your neck, shoulders and arms, but still allows you to sit (or lay) comfortably whilst using it. We love this bamboo edition from Wayfair.


Pillows galore - 

Whether you prop yourself up on a pillow with your elbow, or put one behind your hips for extra support, when working from home one can never be too comfortable. Choose statement pieces with interesting patterns to ignite that inner inspiration. We LOVE the Serena & Lily range. Made from Alpaca wool and SUPER soft!


Jessica Holmes - SPEXTRUM Overseas Content Marketing Manager 

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