What's next? Digital Markets: The Future Of Exhibition

15 Sep 2020
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It is hard to believe that the dreaded Coronavirus has been a part of our day to day lives for 8 months and counting. 

The inability for many of us to take part in hobbies we once loved has taken its toll. With doors closed to the general public and social distancing measures making concerts, sporting events, and Museum trips seem like a faraway dream. That was - before cyber events started to show up in our social media feeds.

Throughout Autumn and Winter, SPEXTRUM invite you to our digital market booths via NYNOW and Maison & Objet. 

The concept of 'untact' events and services is a new one, the term 'untact' was first popularised in South Korea and attributes itself to services limiting physical contact. Decision-makers keen to keep human to human contact at a minimum have been thinking outside of the box to stay connected to their customer bases.

We have entered the Digital Market era. Many Museums including the British Museum in London, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and Pergamonmuseum in Berlin, have been offering virtual tours showing off their extensive collections in great detail. These events prove that with a little imagination and innovation our ideas can still be brought to life. Art and design can still be shared amongst our communities.

The purpose of a Digital Market is much the same as online shopping, connecting consumers with businesses without having to be there in the flesh and blood. Digital Markets and virtual exhibitions are much more interactive than ordinary online shopping but just as convenient. For instance, at the upcoming NYNOW Digital Market, chat boxes will be available which means that customers will be able to speak to the people working at those companies (including SPEXTRUM team members) in real-time. 

So far, many digital events have been a huge success. For instance, the popular South Korean boy group, BTS - held their first live online concert back in June and attracted more than 750,000 viewers which is about the equivalent of 15 sold-out shows in the worlds biggest venues. Considering concerns about travel, finance and health logistics, digital platforms could be making an impact even after Coronavirus is long gone.

For Artists promoting their music, photography or art, Museums showcasing artefacts or businesses trying to get their products out there, 2020 has seen the digital exhibition make a hugely positive impact. 

SPEXTRUM currently have a digital booth at the 'Maison & Objet' online exhibition which is running between 4th - 18th September, and we will soon go online via the NYNOW digital exhibition which goes live 3rd - 7th October. 

You will be able to view our full product catalogue, company information - AND connect with the SPEXTRUM designers. 

Register now for your chance to get involved with a new kind of shopping experience. Imagine that, no waiting in queues!

NYNOW (US) - https://nynow.com/

Maison & Objet (EUROPE) - mom.maison-objet.com

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