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22 Jan 2021
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2020 brought along many unexpected events that have affected everyone in some shape or form. The perseverance to push forward and adapt to these unforeseen challenges has been a great accomplishment despite all the changes.

More and more people are working remotely, and with that comes a new perspective on the phrase "going to work." The workspace shouldn't just represent professionalism but should also be a space that brings comfort and individuality. And 2020 has brought forth many new and creative ideas on designing an ideal yet professional workspace wherever it may be located.

2020 has taught us to look at things from a new perspective, and the new year is an excellent opportunity to design a workspace that reflects on the individual. This article will look at different ways to help create a new workspace that represents professionalism while still keeping it chic with the flexibility to incorporate tones of individuality.

Millions of people were already working remotely before the start of the pandemic. The US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that, in actuality, 3.4% of the US workforce were already working remotely before starting the pandemic.

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Now a larger number of people have begun to work from home due to the current situation. With meetings most often being conducted via video call, the design of a workspace plays a significant role in representing the individual. Neutral and straightforward tones are popular interior design choices for most workspaces, but a professional atmosphere does not mean that you have to compromise a chic aesthetic. This can easily be incorporated into any workspace with ease. 

And if you don't have time to DIY, then collecting accessories to accentuate your workspace is the next best thing!

Finding accessories that are functional yet chic sounds intimidating to accomplish at first, but not impossible. For instance, check out The Wave Winsor Purple . A chic yet vibrant ultrasonic wave diffuser that can brighten up the workspace at home. Designed by SPEXTRUM , this ultrasonic diffuser will set the mood whenever it's time to get to work by filling the air with your fragrance of choice and a variety of lighting options to suit your mood. A desk diffuser is almost essential for anyone who spends most of their working hours at one spot. 

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Having a pleasant aroma surround your workspace can help relieve stress and keep you focused on tasks. Also, having a splash of color can light up any place and making it feel more pleasant and welcoming. Functional yet chic! SPEXTRUM created four unique designs and colors of this ultrasonic diffuser to fit different tastes. You can add a fun and vibrate mix of yellows and reds with The Wave - Lovely Sunset or have subtle undertones that resemble a night sky like The Wave - Soft Sky. Accessories like this can easily incorporate a little bit of yourself into your workspace while still keeping it professional.

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If having a splash of color isn't your thing, then consider adding an accessory your familiar with, for example, plants. Plants and flowers come in a variety of different shapes and colors that reflect your mood and feelings. And with items like the Flip Vase from SPEXTRUM , you have the power to choose what vase best suits those feelings on any given day. If you've just started working remotely or you've been at its for a while, then now is the time to jazz up your workspace! This space shouldn't just be a professional place for work but should also represent who you are as a person. 

Keeping the aesthetic of a professional working environment regardless of the location should not mean it has to be dull. With the help of some accessories, you can add some chic elements to wherever your working station is located and make going to work something to look forward to.


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