Give Your Room a Theme: Retro Interior Design

19 Jan 2021
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Designing your own space means dealing with spaces of various sizes and complexities and translating the messages and atmospheres into spaces with tangible solutions, spaces that convey messages, emotions, and meaning. Interior design can also help us feel more connected to the world. It’s about creating a home space where we can relax, work, and socialize. 

Eras of interior design often come back. A hit from the past comes back to us with new textures, colors and shapes through the “Retro” movement. Retro interior design could be defined as a mix of modern style with vintage materials or an archaic story and new colors. This paradox has a strong impact on interior design. 

As of 2021, interior design has become more important than ever and is now a subject of interest for many of us. As we still are going through a pandemic, a lot of us have been spending more time inside our homes. Matching colors and/or materials could be satisfactory enough but it doesn’t mean we can’t bring nature and culture into our home to create our ideal space. 

When it comes to kitchen/dining space interior design, things can be a little tricky. We, of course, would love to feel the various energies of our dining space yet we need it to be practical. Having a few well-designed and carefully chosen objects around would allow you to transform your kitchen into a room which means something to you where you can fully relax and feel at home.

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One specific object that would allow you to live a cultural experience through interior design is Piece of City. The unique, sensational, and colorful Piece of City from SPEXTRUM makes an exceptional addition to your home. Piece of City collections are available and each collection pays homage to one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world; Seoul, Paris, London, New York, Osaka, and Tokyo

Each collection makes it possible for you to have a piece of your favorite city in your living room. Each collection will allow you to travel in the comfort of your own home. Pick your story and travel through the world while having a nice and hot cup of tea! 

Piece of city is a set of coasters. Each set contains 4 pieces. Each piece represents art, culture, landmarks, and nature. The colors of each piece allow you to connect with various aspects of each city and help you understand what they really are about.

Interior design, Culture, Piece of City, Coaster, Retro

All of the bright colors in a Piece of City coaster set would confer to your dining room a retro vibe and give your guests a unique experience they would most definitely enjoy. Piece of City is a practical lifestyle object and a well-designed product. 

Have your friends over and treat them to a cup of tea on a Piece of City coaster. Make them feel special and well taken care of. It will be a great way to start a conversation. Piece of City offers you the opportunity to travel to different countries while staying in your room. 

Times like these can be seen as a chance to rearrange our home space. The main idea of retro design is to choose your materials and colors based on your own story and preferences. If you are looking for more objects to match up with your Piece of City coaster set, check out Neve Napkin dispenser from SPEXTRUM

This object if matched with your new coasters will help you create a whole retro vibe for your living/dining room. 

In this article, we hope to introduce you to ways to achieve an effortless retro vibe for your house with minimum effort at the very reasonable price of $18 per set. All collections are available on our website, if you are a traveller at heart, why not collect the whole series and allow yourself and your closed ones to explore the world while staying safe and cozy at home.

Words by Dasha Kim

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