Three Accessories To Help You Embrace Simplistic Design

13 Jan 2021
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These days simplistic design is popular in the world of interior design. Our homes are our sanctuaries. Our bedrooms a place to rest; our living rooms a place to enjoy free time - and for most of 2020, our houses have also become our offices. Home decor has never felt more important.

Considering the amount of time that we spend at home; interior design and the harmony of the aesthetics in our homes has never been more relevant to our happiness. 

In particular, a craze which has taken the interior design world by storm is minimalism. Simplistic design and empty spaces are sought after. Having few material objects is a feature of this home decor trend. 

Choosing to embrace simplistic design at home can help us achieve a calmer and more peaceful state of mind. In 2019, Netflix released the very popular docu-series, ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ which follows Japanese born Marie in her mission to help others downsize the clutter in their homes and improve their home decor. The documentary highlighted the human reluctance to let go of items which no longer serve their original purpose and are no longer in style. 

Simplistic design not only relates to the amount of things in your home but also focuses on quality, function, appearance and the fundamentally basic rules of minimalism. The designers at SPEXTRUM advice updating your home decor annually and suggest coinciding redecorating with the change of seasons, noting Spring as the natural season of change and progression across many Asian cultures. Designers at SPEXTRUM suggest keeping staple pieces of furniture items but, decluttering and letting go of home interior design accessories which no longer fit with your interior vibe. 

The Flip Vase from SPEXTRUM is an accessory which will stay in style for many years to come. Due to the very simple and dainty design, it can complement any home decor setting, room and background colour. The Flip Vase is a clever and cute paper vase which you can use to display singer flowers or thin reeds, the perfect simplistic design accessory. The Flip vase gold: SPEXTRUM is available in seven different designs. Each pack features seven sketches which you can flip between depending on your preference. There is a small plastic vase included with the Flip Vase which you can fill with water and insert into the frame. 

If you are looking for more minimalism accessories to enhance your interior design; SPEXTRUM have a lot to offer. How about the Dear O’ cards? These simple white cards feature a clear plastic globe which you can insert little bric-a-brac items into. Tidy up your interior and instead of having these things lying around, display them stylishly and simplistically. The Dear O’ cards look especially beautiful with dried flowers in and make a stunning gift for a friend or engagement proposal for someone you love! Imagine inserting a ring into a Dear O card, how romantic! 

Declutter your cupboard and get rid of mismatching pots and pans, all you need in your baking cupboard is Cooking is Nothing. Cooking is Nothing is the complete baking kit from SPEXTRUM. The kit features one knife, two spatulas, an array of cookie cutters, two measuring spoons, an egg separating bowl, an icing knife, and six nozzles you can attach to a piping bag. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of Cooking is Nothing is the fact that all of the tools are the same colour. Live your most aesthetically pleasing life and treat yourself to Cooking is Nothing. Available in both pink and beige, extend simplistic design to your kitchen, too.

As a new year begins we may have set ourselves some resolutions. Some resolutions come and go but we are right beside you, cheering you on. Stick to your resolution of redecorating and treat your home like the sacred space that it is. Update your living space with the SPEXTRUM accessories mentioned above and you will surely be able to bring simplistic, minimalistic design to life. Along with new interior design embrace a new and more peaceful attitude. We wish you a happy, creative and successful 2021.

Words by Jessica Holmes - SPEXTRUM Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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