Vertical Makeup Storage for Small Spaces

16 Feb 2021
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As much as we dream of emulating our favorite beauty guru’s makeup setup, we just don’t have space in our homes. We also don’t exactly have packages filled with free makeup products and brushes waiting at our doorstep. So, if you have been looking for a way to store your makeup and beauty products in a more simple and organised way, the new Bellwood Cosmetic Organizer is the perfect solution for you. 

Meet the Brands

SPEXTRUM designers have teamed up with the Canadian design Studio Umbra who supply their homewares and storage solutions in over 120 countries across the globe. Umbra and SPEXTRUM are both design companies that are big believers in simple design and smart solutions for the home. Making products that make living simple by design, it is no surprise that this collaboration has resulted in the beautiful Bellwood Cosmetic Organizer.

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This is the organization solution that we are so excited about. It has three separate trays for storage including the perfect brush holder on the top. The beautiful curved-shaped wooden handle ties the three layers together and adds an extra level of functionality to the product. You can do your morning makeup and beauty routine from any room in the house by carrying your products around with you. We know that this neutral wood and white combination will be the perfect addition to your space. 

The lowest of the three trays gives you enough height to store all of your taller products for your skin and hair. On the top, you can dedicate this space to your makeup and brushes to simplify your morning makeup routine. If face masks are keeping you from wearing heavy makeup these days, you can always use this as a fun way to display your favorite items that are otherwise going to waste!

This cosmetic organizer is an affordable and minimal solution to transform your small space into an organizer’s delight. With your products stored in the Bellwood Cosmetics Organizer, you won’t be wondering about which products you have or don’t have, they will all be within arm’s reach. If you are looking for more ways to keep your small space organized, here are some tips that can help you stay on top of your clutter for a clearer mind!

Three Small Space Home Tips

“Spark Joy”

This method of organisation is so well known around the world that the two words ‘spark joy’ have become their own catchphrase. This is, of course, the Marie Kondo method of organization and it is the perfect way for getting started on making your small space more organized and calm. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind, so consider going through all of your possessions and asking yourself if they “spark joy”. With anything that brings up bad memories, anxiety or unhappiness, it is time to throw it out or donate it to a better home. Of course, not without saying goodbye and thanking it first. You will be able to start off your days with a more organized and more meaningful home.  

Small Space, Storage, Makeup, Organization, make up storage, bellwood cosmetic organizer

Monthly Wishlist 

Instead of making that impulse purchase on your way home from a stressful day or scrolling through your favourite online store before bed, consider keeping a wishlist of the things you actually want to buy. If you take note of things throughout the month that you might like to buy, you can have a think about if it is something you really need in your life or not (this cosmetic organizer is definitely going on our February list). This way, you can avoid filling your house full of guilty purchases that don’t add any value to your life. A monthly wishlist is a great way to keep track of what you really want and make sure you are spending your money on things you really want. 

Store with Purpose 

Living in a small space may tempt you into buying brand new storage boxes for hiding away the problems you don’t want to deal with. Instead of doing this, make sure all of the things you are storing are grouped together with similar objects. This makes it super simple for your future self to find your travel items when we are all eventually allowed to travel beyond our daily commute. While you’re at it, it is always best to be able to keep track of your inventory and know when it’s time to stock up on your favourite products. SPEXTRUM’s cosmetic organizer is a great solution to achieve this with your makeup and beauty products. 

If you are looking for more inspiration to go with your cosmetic makeup organiser in your small space, these adorable Flip vase companions are the perfect item to go on your vanity or desk. With this paper vase notepad, you can flip over to a new design at any time. If you are someone who likes to change things up, you don’t have to see the same vase on your desk each day! You can watch your plants blossom and grow right on your desk, without too much maintenance. The perfect accessory to go with your newly organised small space.

Small Space, Storage, Makeup, Organization, make up storage, bellwood cosmetic organizer, Flip Vase, Minimalist design

Words by Johanna Quinn

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