SPEXTRUM X Umbra Collaboration - The Bellwood Cosmetic Organiser

8 Feb 2021
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How many of us can relate to having to wash our makeup brushes or throw away sponges every other week because we have nowhere to properly store them, and so they end up rolling around collecting dust on the floor, leading to premature adult acne?


I remember reading an article a while back about a poor woman who contracted blood poisoning due to bacteria from a dirty makeup brush making its way into her body through a little open wound on her face, eek! From that day onwards, I took more attention and care regarding the storage of my makeup tools. Being as unorganised as I previously was, this led to lots and lots of sponges being carelessly tossed into the bin. I knew that that was detrimental to the environment. That’s why, as I carefully tucked that week's sponge into an empty corner of a discarded bin bag, I barely looked and tried to convince myself that it was a necessary act in the pursuit of a clear complexion. Well, it was not. 

Why not remove the need to have to throw makeup brushes and sponges out so regularly? Why not make yourself a pact to clear your bedroom floor of the cleansing bottle assault course you have created leading up to the mirror? Take one step forward into having your life better organised and purchase a makeup organiser, you will not regret it! I promise it will lead to less headaches and morning fury when you cannot find your favourite moisturiser (which just so happens to be in the tiniest bottle.)

There are many cosmetic organisers out there, ranging in size, colour and shape. Hundreds are waiting for you to take your pick, and there are many options to suit a variety of budgets. Cosmetic storage and organisation has never been more accessible, or, more appealing. With Spring cleaning season fast approaching, treat yourself to a cosmetic organiser sooner rather than later and freshen up your place as well as your mind. Luckily SPEXTRUM and Umbra have recently teamed up to bring a beautiful new cosmetic organiser to your home!

Not only is a cosmetic organiser essential for a practical lifestyle, but it is also an integral piece of furniture in creating an overall beautiful interior design atmosphere. Your bedroom can be transformed into a tranquil, peaceful paradise and become the sophisticated backdrop you always dreamt of. The new Bellwood cosmetic organiser from SPEXTRUM and Umbra is very on-trend. White with wooden embellishments, a simple, sleek and classy bedroom accessory - with no fuss included.

The wooden hook design allows you to manoeuvre the object around easily, take it between your bedroom and bathroom with comfort. The shelf sections are deep enough to hold mid-sized/weighted items. The final product is a result of a trusted partnership between SPEXTRUM’s Product Design team and Umbra. Purchase The Bellwood Cosmetic Organiser via Umbra at your convenience, say bye-bye to dirty brushes! The aesthetics of the makeup organiser are very on the trend of ‘less is more’ and would be a great gift to give any minimalism enthusiast. 

As mentioned, the Bellwood Cosmetic Organiser features three different compartments which are spacious  enough to keep all your daily cosmetic items. In the middle of the top tray, there is a long and narrow cup which is removable, in this section you can stand makeup brushes (or even your toothbrush!) This is a great little compartment because it separates the makeup brushes from other items on the tray for a more hygienic experience. 

The removable function allows you to take your makeup brushes with you between rooms if needs be. Pleasantly, there is enough room in between each tray so that you can fit your items in there with ease, gone are the days of having to jam or wedge things into cramped and unattractive spaces. The Bellwood cosmetic organiser somehow manages to be very practical and functional whilst being dainty and pleasing to the eye, too. 

The Bellwood cosmetic organiser in collaboration between SPEXTRUM and Umbra is versatile. The modern and chic design feels at home amongst an array of interior design backgrounds. Whether you have loud and vibrant wallpaper or cool colours adorning your surroundings, this subtle cosmetic organiser will blend in brilliantly.

Click the following link to view the Bellwood Cosmetic Organiser and other cosmetic storage items from Umbra.

The measurements on the Bellwood cosmetic organiser are 40 x 22 x 9.6cm. Marrying practicality and beauty harmoniously together, another great factor about this item is the low price. the Bellwood cosmetic organiser is a reasonable price at only $30.

SPEXTRUM aim to provide solutions to many everyday nuisances and want to help YOU to become a more organised, calm and collected person. Check out the Leaf Tie cable ties, for instance, the cute and quirky design resembles pretty leaves visible in Spring and the functionality helps to keep your bedroom or office space in order and wild cables at bay.

Words - Jessica Holmes, Overseas Content Marketing Manager SPEXTRUM

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