Trend Watch - Yellow And Pink Interior Touches

11 Aug 2020
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Two colours which are paving the way at the moment are saffron yellow and coral blush. Both colours create an extremely warm mood all the while being elegant and cosy too.

When paired together these two colours are exceptionally rich and indulgent, exuberating a subtle feminine romance from any wardrobe or personal space.

Reminiscent of the golds in a greek tapestry, saffron yellow can add a touch of royalty to your home. When used as an accent against neutral colours such as the dusky coral pink, it helps bring the feeling of closeness to you and your guests. Even without much furniture, the playfulness and bold presence of the two colours can make any bare room feel comfortable and inviting.

Mustard yellow touches in Drew Barrymore’s Walmart home line.

Luckily, here at SPEXTRUM, we have got you covered. Our Tissue Up Girls are available in both yellow and light pink.

Very on-trend and well suited to almost any nook and cranny (window sill, yes, cupboard under the stairs – no) your home would greatly welcome the presence of this glammed up tissue box. The inspiration for Tissue Up Girl is the pin-up girls of the 1920s. Flirty and fun, they can also add a touch of humour to your interior.

Insert tissues and or napkins into the holder and pull the tissue through the hole in the box, making it look as though this gal's skirt is fluttering in the wind (Or, if she's anything like me - with her hairdryer strategically set up to give that 'Shakira' feel to Monday mornings.)

Make your house a home with the little touches that make a big difference.

Mustard yellow touches in the home of Mallory Fletchall

Our famous Tissue Up Girl product also leads the way in another trend popular with 20 somethings today - very aptly named 'Grandmillenial'.  Mixing 'Grandma style' with 'Millennial style' Think hipster but with even more tasselled lampshades and materials with scalloped pleats - mixed with new and modern furnishings like striking metal furniture and pop-culture prints.

That's where our Tissue Up Girl comes in. A nod in the direction of the popular pip up movement of the 1940s but set on a vibrant, patent background. The perfect pairing for any self-confessed Grandmillenial out there!

View our full-colour range of Tissue Up Girl tissue boxes on our website. Click 'Store' and then 'All.'

Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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