Trend Watch - Swedish Furniture Brand, Offecct

21 Jul 2020
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Upon researching the latest innovations within the lifestyle design and home interior industry via Elle Decoration online magazine, I stumbled across an innovative furniture brand leading the way in acoustic materials named Offecct. 

Offecct AB is a Swedish design company with its headquarters and production in Tibro, Sweden. The company was founded in 1990 by Kurt Tingdal and Anders Englund. 

2020 has seen soft, natural, stone colours sore in popularity. This trend aligns with the belief of less is more, in a world where we easily have access to more opportunities than ever before, take outs at 2 am, movies readily available to stream at a click of the button - some people have seen this somewhat greedy consumer culture as a chance to minimise and ‘purify’ their living spaces, for peace of mind and quiet reflection in such a noisy world. We have also witnessed the public interest surge regarding sustainable products which contribute positively to the planet, or at least, are not detrimental towards it. 

Offecct’s furniture brand incorporates both of the above trends. Classy shades of beige and warm grey, reminiscent of early Coco Chanel clothing, sustainable materials – and shapes which have been inspired by the very nature around us. Take the ‘Osaka’ ottomans and tables designed by Japanese artist Teruhiro Yanagihara, which he says have been designed to represent a serene Japanese stone garden.  

A personal favourite item of mine is their Maki armchair, designed by Jin Kuramoto. The chair is available in beautiful soft natural colours such as blue-grey and charcoal. The shape of the chair reminds me of a clamshell, however, Kuramoto has exclaimed that he was inspired by the shape of Maki sushi roll. 

Their commitment to simplicity speaks for its self. The pure and unexaggerated aesthetics of their furniture convey a very clear message – quality and comfort should never be overlooked in the face of style. The fine quality of their fabrics and craftmanship stand alone in representing this ideology. Void from over the top, arrogant marketing campaigns to draw the viewer in. Their subtle collections host simply elegant and understated pieces of furniture or ornaments for the home, office – or public area. 

Offecct focuses on the importance of sustainability in their Design. They even have a section of their website dedicated to the cause. Within this section, you can read about how they are pursuing different methods to contribute positively to climate change and minimising pollution levels. Such as using recyclable materials which are more durable (likely to last longer, minimising the need to replace it and add more unnecessary materials to the world) and they also have a ‘ReUsing’ service, where they can repair, clean and reupholster their designs. 

Read more into Offects sustainability policy here - 

They are a brand who consider the well being of their customers as being a pinnacle area of focus. As mentioned in Elle decoration magazine's article ‘The joy of quiet;' (

They are striving towards bettering peoples lives by improving their work, home and public areas. Leading the way in the self-improvement and wellness trend, investing time and resources to create noise-cancelling materials which have been proven to lower stress levels and improve concentration when used in offices or public areas. Take a look at the acoustic Spieger Pannel to be used on ceilings, for example; 

Head to the Offecct website to see more of their designs; 

Featured below: The Maki armchair and Osaka side table. 

Written by Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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