Trend watch: Don't Be Afraid Of Beige

7 Sep 2020
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Summer was all about bold colours, Autumn, however - will be the season of beige.

Fashion often comes full circle, dropping some quirks, picking up others - and reimagining previous concepts are all in a days work for most Designers. 

The beige trend is definitely a nod to the progression of a more muted take on the flower power vibe of the 1960s and 70s. Beige is a colour which transcends many others and fits well with within a variety of styles such as bohemian and shabby chic.

The secret of dressing yourself or your interior space in beige is all in the layering - both in tone and texture. Thick wools and crushed velvets compliment elegant and floaty cotton and sleek, unfussy modern furniture. 

Beige was once considered the 'plain Jane' of colour, but Fall 2020 sees the soft as sand colour adding variation and class to your home or wardrobe. 

The great thing about beige is that it makes a wonderful basecoat considering there are so many different shades, some Interior Designers have even dubbed it 'the new grey.' And with 2020 throwing more shade at us than even the Pantone 2020 fabric swatch catalogue, we relish the chance to say bye-bye to cold grey and hey to cosy beige. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with beige on beige, start with a basic palette in one shade and build on your canvas. 

The past few years in fashion and design and have seen a culture of embracing 'ugly' styles (see Dad sneakers) so literally, nothing is off the table, just have fun experimenting and create a space or a look that you like without worrying whether it looks appealing to other people or not. (Although, it's hard to go wrong with this trend.) 

For instance, think subtle champagne sofa with caramel-coloured throws and accents of darker, brown beige accessories. 

See below for some outfit and interior décor inspiration all revolving around our new favourite colour - brilliant beige. 


Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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