Trend Watch - The Future Of Packaging: Protego, A Plastic Alternative

31 Aug 2020
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I remember hearing about Global warming as a child whilst sat bare-legged on a grubby school carpet, waiting for the clock hands to point to noon - lunchtime. 

I remember feeling so disconnected from the concept of it all. It sounded as though the teacher was just reciting pointless facts, much like algebra - very much real but not making any difference to my life. Fast forward 15 years and here we are now, how wrong I was.

With Vegan diets sweeping the world, the likes of Greta Thunberg and Leonardo Dicaprio inspiring change across a plethora of audiences, and with the internet accessible by everyone - people are more educated today than they ever have been. Knowledge is a powerful tool we can all arm ourselves with in order to prepare and be more mindful about the differences we can make.

And at SPEXTRUM, we are far from exempt. As a team consisting of creatives, product and graphic designers, and of course, citizens of the world - we understand our responsibility to lead the way and inspire people, in both cooperate and consumer-based playing fields. 

Today, we focus on the importance of a sustainable packaging alternative to the commonly used, harmful material dominating our world - PVC plastic.  

'Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl) is the most toxic plastic for our health and the environment. For more than 30 years, leading health, environmental justice, and health-impacted organizations across the country and world have been campaigning to phase out this poison plastic.' Unknown author -

PVC/Vinyl plastics cannot be recycled and are used unnecessarily to wrap so many of our day to day items such as food products and furniture. At SPEXTRUM, we are embarking on a journey of thoughtful, environmentally conscious design. Not only is that a focal point of our product design, but our packaging design too!

Thankfully, the Korean paper brand, Hansol, has created a new plastic alternative called 'Protego' and it is changing the way we think of disposable packaging. 

'Protego paper is an eco-friendly product that can replace conventional packaging materials such as plastic or aluminium. Laminated with oxygen and moisture barriers on the paper surface, not only can the lamination process be reduced, packaging materials can be recycled, too. More than 90% biodegradable, Protego can be used to replace conventional materials.'

SPEXTRUM has recently partnered with Hansol to embark on a new journey towards a greener future.

Together with Hansol, SPEXTRUM recently designed a Protego paper air diffuser. We demonstrated that liquid could not escape from the material - proving just as effective as plastic. We filled a triangular-shaped case made from Protego paper with fragranced jelly balls which, when squished, melted into a liquid form.

Impressively, the Potego paper withstood the test and managed to keep all of the liquid in. The test was overall very effective in determining the future of Hansol's new alternative to plastic and we look forward to working with them and developing other alternative packing methods in the coming months. 

We hope that one day we can choose this alternative to plastic every time.

in you are interested in finding out more about Hansol's work and dedication to a more socially responsible future, access their website, which is available in both Korean and English, here:

Specific information related to 'Protego' paper:

Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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