Trend Watch - Sustainable Fashion: Puma/Pause&Break

24 Aug 2020
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One of the biggest trends of 2020 is sustainability – and quite rightly so, environmental issues are more important today than they have ever been before. (I mean, this year it rained for two months straight in South Korea – and America recorded the hottest day in the history of the world in August!)

On that note, Puma has launched a new biodegradable clothing line, Design to Fade, alongside Dutch collective Living Colour and Swedish design firm, Streamateria. Their tag line? ‘Nothing good lasts forever.’

German sportswear giant Puma has worked on three sustainable collections since 2016. Non of their collections have been released for commercial sale, but they do at least demonstrate a willingness and desire to take a step in the right direction for the sake of our future.  

Quote from Puma LinkedIn - 'We have challenged ourselves to become a better and more sustainable company across ten target areas. We aim to make a positive impact at scale, by integrating sustainable policies into our everyday business decisions, which affects every product PUMA makes and sells.'

Clothing in the Design to fade range has been materialised with a special type of bacteria which allows the clothes to ‘return to dust’ after an unspecified amount of time. The clothing will not be rolled out worldwide but rather made to order, to reduce waste even further. 

Half of the collection is made up of practical sportswear - Beautiful and soft in colour and texture, featuring earthy colours and lightweight shapes which create room for the body to breath. The other half of the collection is a little more ‘runway’. I’d rather strut the streets wearing these garms than sweat in them at the gym, put it that way.  

Other big brands may want to take a leaf out of Puma's book and start considering their environmental impact if they want to evolve and stay relevant for years to come.

In a case study conducted by Nielsen in 2015, it has shown that Millenials are 73% more likely to buy from a sustainable brand.

At SPEXTRUM, we demonstrate our passion for sustainability through our Pause&Break bag brand. Manufactured from old car airbags, we unite compassion for our planet with high-quality design and streetwear fashion to bring you thoughtful fashion you can wear proudly (bye-bye guilty buying).

If you're interested in finding out more about the Puma/Living Colours/Streamateria collaboration, follow these links:

Our full Pause&Break range can be viewed below:

Written by Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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