Trend Watch - Emotionally Motivated Tech Designs

5 Nov 2020
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For this weeks Trend Watch post we are exploring the advancement of Human-driven - emotionally charged, emotionally intelligent AI systems. 

These inventions are not only limited to machines which can read and respond to human emotions, but also expands to the products which have been created to aid the human consciousness and peace of mind. Products which we see assisting humans in some form of an emotional state for the years to come are constantly evolving.

Although technology is advancing, the current trend is to incorporate the latest tech with classic interior design. The aim is to keep the design of new tech items looking as natural as possible. The aim is to allow people to live a 'hygge' lifestyle even amongst super modern, high functioning technology.  

In this article, we will talk about a few products which help humans to function and live their day to day life more comfortably. I will discuss an item which has been designed to look like furniture and therefore help create a harmonious interior balance in the home - enhancing the users mood and further assisting the human experience.

There are many exciting projects active at the moment, and if I were to list them all - I'd be here quite a while. So this article focuses on two products in the emotionally intelligent technology category. First, the Samsung Serif TV as picture below.

The Samsung Serif TV has been created to look like a beautiful piece of furniture rather than a clunky old gadget, which the general household members have become accustomed to seeing around the house. Dainty in its design, the Serif TV fits in with other delicate pieces of furniture. Flat screened and held up by four thin but sturdy legs. The Serif TV is easy on the eye and blends in nicely with other pieces of furniture. A very different style to TV's made even 10 years ago, which were either always black or white and very chunky, and not very aesthetically pleasing. 

The second item in today's article is the KOMP tablet project, designed by the Norwegian company, No Isolation. No Isolation are a company which focuses on technological advancement aimed at seniors over the age of 80 and young children who are terminally ill. 'No Isolation' aim to help those most vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness by creating products which can help connect them to their loved ones who may not always be around physically to assist them, due to other daily responsibilities. KOMP, in particular, helps the elderly by being user friendly and easy to navigate. KOMP has only one button, a feature which a senior person who's sight may be diminishing can easily use. 

It has also been designed to resemble an analogy TV, which many elderly people may find more comforting than a super sleek gleaming white paper thin tablet - which are all the range amongst it's biggest user base (18 - 65 year olds) at the moment. 

The KOMP is unthreatening and unimposing. We can certainly image the KOMP propped up on our Grandma's kitchen cabinets, sitting snug amongst tea pots and charity shop trinkets.

The above pictures have been shared by No Isolation on their website which is linked below. 

As 2020 pushes on forward and many of us are being forced to stay inside, people are feeling lonelier than ever. People are also feeling anxious, and are seeking out products which provide a sense of calm and serenity to a manic situation. 

What do you think about the designs discussed? Would you imagine yourself purchasing one for either yourself or a loved one? Leave a comment below to let us know how you feel!

Written by Jessica Holmes - Overseas Marketing Content Creation, SPEXTRUM. 

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