Trend Watch: 50 Years Of Paul Smith - Pasta, But Make It Fashion.

19 Oct 2020
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British fashion designer, Paul Smith, started his own fashion house (aptly named, Paul Smith) in 1970 in Nottingham, England. His first shop was reportedly so small he started by stocking other Designers collections and eventually moved on to designing and producing his own garments after his long term dream of becoming a professional cyclist was cut short due to an accident.

Paul Smith store - Los Angeles 

The brand has always been well known for being classy and sophisticated but also unique, fresh and colourful. 

Paul Smith is just celebrating 50 years in the fashion industry. Smith takes pride in the fact that he was one of the first to introduce infographics into fashion. To mark the occasion they have re-released their 1994 pasta graphic range. The pasta graphic has been used to decorate a variety of items for both men and women including clothing and accessories.

At SPEXTRUM, we have been inspired by the 'oddness' of Paul Smiths previous and current collections. Our Zoopiter range features bright, pop culture colours, random objects, and an interesting mix between cute and creepy!

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Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager SPEXTRUM

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