How To Introduce Retro Design Into Your Home

23 Dec 2020
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A guide to bringing the past into your future with a retro inspired home interior design! ✌️ 

Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate a retro feel into your contemporary interior design space? Sometimes getting the balance can be a little tricky. Many of us want to show a charming ode to a vintage age whilst maintaining a harmonious feel in our homes. In 2020, less is more regarding interior design, so most people have opted for a muted backdrop of natural, stone or earthy tones.

A hygge lifestyle is being adopted by more people today than ever before. This movement supports the evidence that a relaxed home environment can ease the stress of daily burdens and lift one's mood. Comfortable home interior design allows you to wind down at the end of the day with more joy and less resistance. original source: Domino Magazine

Just because we have stripped back on the visual clutter, does not mean that our interior design accessories have to be as minimal. A hint of bright colour here and there may tie your whole room together. Think about the various accessories you can incorporate into your contemporary living space. Accessories such as pillows, ornaments, artwork, decorative items and of course, lighting, can all help to create a modern retro aesthetic.

One accessory in particular which can help you create the interior design effect that you desire is Tissue Up Girl. The clever, cute and colourful Tissue Up Girl tissue box from SPEXTRUM can bring an effortlessly retro vibe to any room. Tissue Up Girl is available in five different bright colours, lime green, mint, baby pink, mustard yellow and soft lilac. Due to the various colours available; Tissue Up Girl is a very versatile accessory which looks captivating in every room of the house. From the bathroom to the bedroom, Tissue Up Girl is here to put a smile on your face, and one which will stay!  

Tissue Up Girl features a pop art sketch of a 1950’s pin-up girl. Incorporating the popular style of Andy Warhol's artwork alongside famous stars from the time, Tissue Up Girl is the epitome of retro design. Maralyn Monroe for instance - adorns the cover of one of the tissue boxes. Not only is Tissue Up Girl a delight for the eyes, but it is also a practical lifestyle accessory to decorate your sacred space with. As the winter months roll on the sniffly noses are aplenty. Prepare yourself for evenings in with the glamorous Tissue Up Girl and look stylish whilst doing so. 

If you, like us, plan on staying comfortable at home this winter season, you may also feel compelled to redecorate or spruce up your home. Remember that the key to retro design is using a mixture of bright colours, patterns and pop culture references. Another great retro product is the Piece of City coaster set from SPEXTRUM. The accessories mentioned add a little life to an ordinary coffee table and will be sure to invite many compliments from friends and family. (In the future, after lockdown/social distancing, of course!)

Deciding to decorate your place with a retro-modern vibe can take a lot of guts. You may feel overwhelmed, perhaps you feel as though you do not know where to begin and, therefore, do not want to take the risk. But, by following the few tips in this article you can be sure to be one step closer to creating a retro home style you can be proud of. Remember - less is more and accessories are everything. Preferably, SPEXTRUM think that eye-catching and unique accessories are the best way to go, so why not invite Tissue Up Girl into your homes this Christmas?

Tissue Up Girl is on sale from SPEXTRUM and is currently on sale at $35.00. Why not treat yourself or someone you love?

Words by Jessica Holmes Overseas Marketing Content Manager - SPEXTRUM 

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