Smart Tree


约会的时候,休息的时候,及跟家人对话的时候是不是精力都集中在了手机上?为了让交流更加方便希望促进人际关系的 Social Network现在反而让人们更加孤独,甚至连人际关系的基本都在动摇。网上的虚拟空间在飞速的进化,网络的发达使得线下一点点变得生疏。请记住,网上没有您珍爱的人。摆脱网络回到现实世界来吧。为了让您终止跟手机的对话,跟眼前的人对视,我们特别为您推出了<Smart Tree>


四种设计的<Smart Tree>在平凡的手机套里加入了立体的元素及故事,带给我们新的意义。现在翻过手机,打开上面小的丛林,让眼睛跟心灵来休息吧。打开小的丛林的瞬间,那些忘记的珍贵的时间都会在等着你。

푸르DUCT – 'PRUDUCT' is a combination of the Korean word 'green' and 'product'; these easily-accessible items were created to target the 20s, who are the main focus for the <WOOPOOPOO> project.

Make Our Youth Green and Green 'WOOPOOPOO'

WOOPOOPOO is the abbreviation of the Korean phrase 'Make Our Youth Green and green' ('우리청춘 푸르게푸르게')

The new undergoing project <WOOPOOPOO (Make Our Youth Green)> organized by Yuhan Kimberly's ''Make Our Nature Green ' campaign, SK Planet, and SPEXTRUM is focused on creating a green youth lifestyle for the young people and their generation so they can become closer with the forests.

In order to form a way for the youth to develop a closer relationship with the forests, <WOOPOOPOO> will be functioning as a SNS project through Facebook, Instagram, and blogs. We are making an effort for people to easily share and come across various stories and information about forests so that they can learn from them.

While considering different ways through which the youth could coexist with the forests, we have created lifestyle items called '푸르DUCT'. SPEXTRUM fashioned unique ideas and those products and items for the '푸르DUCT' have gained successful responses and maintain consistent popularity among the youth.

Act Actually.

It takes more than the brand's history for a customerto acknowledge the brand's sincerity. Even though anyone can easily talk aboutit and gain some level of approval from others, customers aren't easy to fool. Ascapitalistic disposition grows stronger, it becomes harder and more expensive toattract the customers and rather than seeing the fancy wrapping, they wish tosee the true core underneath. You can also notice this type of disposition whereobjective brand journalism reporting more factual details is more popular amongcustomers than the sugar-coated stories written by marketers or copywriters.

In order to showsincerity in a brand's social contribution campaign or CSR (Corporate SocialResponsibility), the fundamental question that must be asked first is “What brandis this?” If the brand is only hosting services and contributions for obviousreasons then it will be hard to see sincerity in their actions and the activitiesbecome meaningless. Sincerity that is stacked with consistent effort andattention and not short-term will bear fruit in increased recognition of thebrand's sincerity. 

Following Yuhan Kimberly's long-term campaign 'Make Our Nature Green,’ you can see the brand's sincerity through the new <WOOPOOPOO (Make Our Youth Green and green)> campaign. No matter what the brand is, sincerity must be the basis of the brand. However, this sincerity can only have meaning if it is conveyed clearly to those receiving it. In order to go forward, it will be important to create sincerity through trends and tell a story which the consumers can identify with in this time period. As companies which had previously cut down trees to create their products and operate their businesses inversely put an effort to grow forests for the past 30 years, we've come to a period where there is no significant meaning in planting trees on Arbor Day. With this in mind, we've come to reset our goal to 'realize a better life through the coexistence of forests and humans. You can see this change, after much consideration, as our attempt to let the younger generation 'enjoy the forests' rather than 'plant a tree,' so that they can continue to pursue their values and not let go them. While viewing the world with sincerity that is true and touching and not with the so-called honesty that is obvious and is shown for formality’s sake, only values found in the intersection between the world and sincerity are true.

※This product is made with Yuhan Kimberly and SK Planet.

Smart Tree

Project owner.  SPEXTRUM, SK Planet & Yuhan Kimberly

Creative Director. Tsunho Wang
Designer. Sookyoung Kim