Our Inspiration, summed up.

22 Jul 2020
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Inspiration – what does that word mean to you?

For me, inspiration often comes from a hobby, an object, memory, piece of art/ music, or film – which makes me feel something special and gives me direction and clarity. My inspirations keep me motivated and bring out the creative juices within me. Everyone's inspirations are different, and they make us who we are.

This area of our blog will be dedicated to bringing you information about our Staff members biggest artistic inspirations and motivations in their lives, at work and at home.

Whether that be in the form of their favourite song (that's allllways stuck in their head) a precious album which has guided them through life, or an old movie from childhood. Maybe a recently discovered design at an exhibition, a heartwarming news article, or anything which has stayed with them and impacted him or her positively in one shape or form.

Each week a snippet written by a member of our team will be posted here.

Please look forward to learning more about the people of SPEXTRUM and what makes them tick!

Written by Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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