My Inspiration - Kim Sookyoung

25 Aug 2020
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Hello, I am Sookyoung Kim at SPEXTRUM and I am a Product Designer and Oversea Manager. 

I like design ideation and respect a lot of designers. I usually get inspiration from books, memory and research. I make an effort to see lots of different designs in various design formats. 

When I see something I really like, I am triggered to create something similar in one form or another. Because when I see something like that, the thought lingers in my mind. 

One of my favourite design books - Dot Line Shape from the creators at

I refer to the design sites when I search for graphic things or CMF during the beginning stages of creation. 

The most important thing is meeting with co-workers. We have various majors in the company and we can think about unique and new things when we share our thinking.

Recorded and revised by Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager

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