A story is created

        that can give

        a resonance and richness

        to people's minds.

A story is created that can give a small resonance and richness to people's minds.

We all live different lives with different experiences. People have their own lives and experiences, 

such as the road they choose, the clothes they wear, food they eat from the time they wake up in the morning.

These experiences create a variety of ways of thinking. Even if the same problem occurs, 

it is common to have different answers through their own lives and experiences. 

A variety of ways of thinking lead to their own unique expression, and these creative ideas can be defined as creativity.

Analysis PRISM of SPEXTRUM only

SPEXTRUM has developed a unique three-step methodology called <Question> / <Transmission> / <Answer>

In particular, we create a new story through PRISM, the core of the <Transmission> stage.

Three-step process of question, penetration and answer.

01  I  In the <question> step, we use the human-centered design methodology 

and collect various meanings of the questions through several processes.

02  I  The <penetration> step is process that changes thoughts into concrete ideas through "PRISM", 

the only "SPEXTRUM" interpreting various questions that have been obtained in the field.

In this step, a visual form is created from the potential meanings that were scattered through gathered teams with 

diverse experiences and appropriate thinking for the previous question step.

03  I  The <answers> step is the process of turning ideas into actionable solutions and plans. 

At this stage, core hypotheses are extracted and verified, repetitively tested through prototype, 

and made into stories that can give a small resonance and richness to people's minds, rather than simply cool services or products.

SPEXTRUM delivers the authentic message to the customer's mind through the above three processes 

and finds the long-term 'value' of individuals and companies.