UMBRA x SPEXTRUM Collaboration.


One of the spaces we use unconsciously every day is the dressing table. We thought it was important to create the most comfortable and tidy space for consumers who use it when starting a new day in the morning and ending the day before going to bed.

When I first started designing, the most important thing was the usefulness of consumers. There were many considerations about how our design would be reflected to consumers in the space we use every day and the space facing each other. I got a lot of ideas from the repetitive habits of consumers who act when they come back from putting on makeup or using a riser, and I got hints from the behavior of everyday use.

When using Organizer, the biggest thing was the storage problem. We want to store more products, but due to the limited structure and space, there is a limit to storing them only in exposed areas. So we tried to solve the problem of utilization that we could store our products as wisely as possible in the same space. I tried to make a product that can be used in all parts without wasting space.

The most preferred part is the detachable cup in the center, which is the point of this product. The space in the hall where brushes can be stored in the center of the third tier will be a new space where products can be separated.