Mystery Cube

SPEXTRUM Pop-up Exhibition

2021.4.2~2021.4.18   Yeoju Premium Outlet

2021.5.1~2021.5.30   Yicheon Premium Outlet

- Opening Ceremony : 2020.04.02 Central Park @Yeoju Premium Outlet

- Exhibits: 42 Objects

- Chief Director: Tchunho Wang

- Exhibition Design : Sangsoo Kim, Sooah Kim, Hyungun Park, Bohyun Lee, Kyumin Jung, Daeun Jung, Daesung Cha, Jinkyo Han, Eunju Heo, Yeun Hwang

- Executives: Sookyung Kim, Mina Park


Products that are sold to different people emit different light and color in the space.
The life of products determined by consumers' choices forms their own value.
Space for objects with multiple stories, different times for the same stories,
This is where our project started.
Although everything is difficult and shrinking, 

a pop-up store where you can smile today and tomorrow,
Mystery Box has been carried out.


When we take selfies, we try to take pictures of ourselves that shine the most, even though it is difficult in reality.
Instagrammable spaces and lighting encourage people to take selfies naturally.
Our mystery boxes made of holograms show different aspects of our customers with multicolored eyes that are gently reflected in our daily lives.

A space to meet a better tomorrow through my projected image, a time to hope for tomorrow,

 'We Still Smile'


We wanted to express a space where the images of various brands that radiate different light in different spaces can be put together, 

and we projected our different lives there to present a small smile as a light of hope.

Taking advantage of the meaning of SPEXTRUM, using a hologram film inside the exhibition, 

showing people how the color of the exhibition space and exhibition booth changes according to the direction and time of light, it is designed in a way that gives a small smile.

Graphic Design

Spatial Design

SPEXTRUM's booth is a space where you can see another side of the product and the fun of seeing it through the colorful colors reflected when the company's products are placed using the hologram acrylic shelf, which is the identity color. Overall, the neat white color and the subtle hologram acrylic harmonize to create a simple yet unique atmosphere.

Pause & Break's booth has a logo sticker and pictorial attached to steel and acrylic so that you can feel the free and casual atmosphere unique to the brand. Through a composition that allows you to feel the unique and sensuous street mood, we created an atmosphere space that can convey the sensibility that the brand pursues.

Exhibit Products

Goods Design

❶  Badge 600 ✕ 900 mm  

❷ -1.  Square Sticker 150 ✕ 210 mm

❷ -2.  round Sticker 150 ✕ 210 mm

❸   Postit 145 ✕ 430 mm