Cooking is Nothing™

Cooking starter kit

Cooking can be challenging for the novice.

Cooking is Nothing is a Starter Kit for Novice cook planned to offer various cooker at once in order to help them achieve more easily.

Making the start of cooking Easy and fun.   

Many people feel that they have difficulty in cooking and do not even think about starting.
Why are they feeling that cooking is so difficult and why they do not easily access it? So we began to worry about how to make cooking easier and more convenient for everyone who has difficulties in cooking.

Making it easy for anyone to start cooking and enjoy it.

We have heard a lot about the difficulties and experiences of those who want to start cooking, and after much thought, we have found some common facts.
They are having difficulties in finding out how many tools they need to cook, what shape of tools they should use, and where to buy them.
Finding each tool you have not seen before is a big burden for those who have not tried many dishes. The 'Starter Kit' is a product that helps you to confidently approach cooking with simple function and easy use while reducing the burden.

‘The cooking is nothing’ is designed to be a smooth curve rather than a straight line due to the characteristics of the product that touches directly to the user's hand. 

In addition, for safety, we use simple materials that are harmless to the human body and that can be used continuously. And it is designed with simple sides away from complicated shape

It's a starter kit, but much without missing a thing.

Cooking is Nothing is a baking starter kit, but it can be used as a baking tool which is made with heat-resistant to more than 100 degree Celsius and is environmentally friendly. In particular, it is composed of tools which beginners are able to access easily. So they can change from no-oven baking to professionals with advice from baking experts.

Even at a baking time with your child.

Cooking is Nothing is a cookery product made up of 10 basic baking tools recommended by bakeries and is very useful when making breads, cookies, and cakes.

For beginners who have never baked bread, or even a baking time with your child, be with Cooking is nothing that is easy to use.

Cooking is Nothing™ 

Project owner. SPEXTRUM & SAM

Executive director. Lee chang ho & Tsunho Wang
Creative director. Kim hyun jin
Principal designer. Sookyoung Kim, Lee soo jung, Kim sinai
Designer. Kim ji hyun, Ahn jae jin, Seo sung won

Product design. SPEXTRUM & SAM
Calligraphy. Im tae zin