A space where trends begin and cultures exchange.

DDP is a complex cultural space where design trends begin and cultures are exchanged.

It promotes various products and trends the fastest, shares knowledge through new exhibitions, and 

It is operated with content that allows you to experience various designs. 

Through these activities, DDP will serve as the "origin of the design and fashion industry" for Asia and the world.

How to build your own story.

In an era where everything is branded, brands must constantly create content that can enhance their charm. 

That way, consumers won't forget it.

As a brand, DDP also has to constantly create content, build its own story, and communicate with people. 

Storytelling is essential to systematically build this brand identity. 

This is because they are attracted to and remembering good images and positive experiences of the place rather than just functional values. 

So, goods that can remember and commemorate places are very important.

It's a brand that offers a variety of lifestyles.

DDP, which has established itself as a space for suggesting a brand and diverse lifestyle. 

SPEXTRUM proposed the development of brand goods as a way to strengthen the status of domestic and foreign DDPs by building a luxury brand image.

 15° to embrace various lights

Since its opening on March 21, 2014, DDP has held various cultural events such as exhibitions, fashion shows, new product presentations, forums, and conferences. 

As a complex cultural space, we extracted various keywords that can well represent the characteristics of "a hub of Asian culture with various lights."

 Reflecting the value characteristics that the brand can provide, such as "leading a new culture," "crossing familiarity with unfamiliarity," "somewhat crazy," "inspiring people," "new traditional values," and "no boundaries," the brand mission has been redefined with DDP.

Brand goods with stories.

Umbrella I'm looking forward to rainy day Prism Umbrella

Asian cultural hub DDP with various lights. 

When the DDP, where various cultural events take place, was released with SPEXTRUM's unique design perspective, a prism umbrella with various colors was created. 

The hologram fabric used in the umbrella colors the gloomy sky in a moment. 

The rain that colors the city gray makes even the mind gloomy. 

The design allows users to create various colors depending on the movement, conveying the excitement of looking forward to rainy days.

Magnet is the easiest way to remember a trip.

DDP consisting of 45,133 external panels that do not have a single sheet of the same. 

When the DDP, which shows a new look every step of the way, was released with SPEXTRUM's own design perspective, a magnet that resembles the unique appearance of the building was born. 

It is a building reminiscent of a huge space station and is loved as a tourist attraction by foreign tourists. 

Magnets made by combining the four patterns of DDP's representative panels have been used to commemorate the place of travel. 

Magnets that provide excellent interior effects and visual enjoyment just by attaching them to the refrigerator. 

The design with the unique appearance of DDP makes tourists smile around their mouths, reminding them of memories of their trip just by looking at it.